• Make sports betting profits with fun!
  • Take advantage of the bookmaker for yourself ...
  • ... and roll the dice with their mathematically calculated chances of winning!
  • From now on you can successfully bet soccer games!
  • Great gift for all soccer fans!
  • Simple application:

    You only need the Sports betting odds of the soccer game.

    • Choose the game!
    • Choose the right dice! (The sports betting favorite win rate shows the correct colour of the cube.)
    • Let's go - roll the dice!



    ≥1.25 * (≥1/4)

    ≥1.45 * (≥9/20)


    ≥1.65 * (≥13/20)


    ≥1.90 * (≥9/10)


    ≥2.20 * (≥6/5)

    * These are the five tipico dice (Ø approx. 3 cm). They are used depending on the sports betting odds of the favourite team. Because each dice has a different number of symbols ("1", "X", "2") on his sides.

    Example: The win rate of the favorite team of your bookie is 2.0. Then you take, for example, the "blue cube"1,90-2,19).

    With a win rate of 2.0 you need our 12-sided blue dice. You will find 6 times the "1" for a win. Logical, right?

    1, X, or 2?

    • Win ("1")?
    • Draw ("X")?
    • Loss ("2")? ...

    Our sports betting dice will help you answer this question ...

    What do the TIP ICON DICE "know":

    • How high is the favorite rated?
    • In which direction are the shape curves of both teams going?
    • Does a team have problems due to injured players?
    • Are there any players currently suspended for red cards?
    • Were there any high quality player transfers?
    • What are the results statistics of both clubs?
    • Has a coach been fired or hired?
    • Is a certain result enough for both teams?
    • Is a team already champion, safely qualified for a competition or already relegated?

    Yes, all this "knowledge" and more is factored into the sports betting win rate ...

    ... and our cubes are mathematically designed to do just that!

    Roll a game

    • The 5 TIP ICON DICE convert the knowledge of bookmakers into calculated chances.
    • Because all the know-how that determines the outcome of a game is available in the bookmaker's odds. That is absolutely the best indicator.
    • And that is why these calculated chances with “1” win, “X” draw, and “2” loss, are implemented accordingly on our dice.
    • That is why you can now roll all football games worldwide.

    Our strength

    • Our tipico dice “know” the game and what it is about... conventional result dice are clueless, lack of talent and don't know what they're doing!
    • Together they are strong... because every dice covers a range of all possible victory probabilities!
    • "Win without your EGO gene"... it is better to win with strategy tips than to lose because of personal love for your club!

    Idea and solution

    I see! That's why! Therefore!

    • All events related to the game are mathematically calculated by the odds of the bookmarkers.
    • Every single dice was charged on the odds offered by the bookmakers!
    • The TIP ICON DICE set is the solution to basically type all soccer games !!!
    Holger S. findet die Sportwetten-Würfel klasse.
    Holger S.
    • “I always roll out all Premier Ligue games. If a game matches 3 times then I bet the tendency. If there is a 6-fold match, I'll bet the game with a handicap!"
    • “Or I bet a combination from the results rolled (bet 3 out of 4 or 5 out of 8)."
    S. Bauer
    S. Bauer
    • "A great gift for all football fans."
    • "Totally cool and a great help with betting decisions in our betting community."

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