They were developed in order to roll the dice on the outcome of a soccer game. They have the same probabilities as the odds of the game offered by the bookies. These five dice (12-sided!) are dice for betting, as well as for having fun and excitement.

Ingenious: Together they are strong! Each dice covers a range of probabilities! Optimized for every soccer game!

The TIP ICON DICE take betting to a new level. They have many advantages over other soccer betting dice, which are outdated and are purely joke articles.


Ingeniously simple application:

- Select the sports betting odds of the favorite team (e.g. 1.80).

- Take out the correct colored cube (here "red").

- Roll the dice and bet!


The TIP ICON DICE set is a world first. Because "EVERYTHING" that contributes to the outcome of a game is taken into account with these dice:

"EVERYTHING" means: How high is a team considered as favorite? What says the form curve of the teams. Are everyone in top shape or are there problems with the current squad (injured, red cards)? Above all, the result statistics count in this duel. Then there are the many events before the soccer game. Has a trainer been fired or hired? Have there been more spectacular transfers? Is a special result enough for both teams? Is a team already champion or already qualified for a competition or has it been already relegated?


Roll the math odds!

The bookies mathematically calculate the winning odds for all games. Thus, the dice were matched to the winning odds of the favorites. Of course, there are games that are rated differently as easy or difficult. Therefore, each dice must have a different level of difficulty in order to win a game. Together they cover the entire range of calculated probabilities of the bookies. As a result, only one of the 5 sports betting dice comes into play.



The more difficult it is for the favorite to win, the more draws or defeats there are on the dice side. The number of symbols was calculated based on the sports betting odds. That is why the number of individual symbols on the dice are present differently often. Thus, in principle, all football games worldwide can be rolled according to their mathematical probability for a win (“1”), a draw (“X”) or a defeat (“2”). Therefore, simply look for the "win rate of the favorite" at bookies. Now just take the right dice from the set and roll the dice.


For whom?

It is the sports betting gift for soccer fans. A sensational present at parties. The highlight in a sports-loving vicinity. An ideal birthday present for betting enthusiasts, gamblers and football betting experts.

First and foremost, the dice should bring gaming fun and joy to fans of sports betting. The dice for betting also help the undecided sports betting tipster with his decision. They slow down the gambler who plays by instinct. Why? Because it is not only the result that is already established in the head that can come. All possible game outcomes are mathematically deposited on the dice. Therefore, they are also very popular with tipster communities. Why? The tipster often has different views. However, with these ingenious dice it is much easier to agree on a common bet. Because they convey the real chances: the higher the win rate, the more difficult it is to win!



-Dice yellow: from sports betting odds of 1.25 (1.25-1.44)

-Dice green: from sports betting odds of 1.45 (1.45-1.64)

-Dice red: from sports betting odds of 1.65 (1.65-1.89)

-Dice blue: from sports betting odds of 1.90 (1.90-2.19)

-Dice black: from sports betting odds of 2.20

Notice: If the favorite is occasionally the away team, a “1” (= WIN) on the dice logically means a “WIN OF THE FAVORITE” (= “2” = LOSS on the betting slip).

Not suitable for children under 3 years!